Eeroplane pilot mask Messerschmitt bf109

Wear Mask – protect Others

It’s been proven that wearing masks helps to reduce spread of flu and viruses (source Reuters). So we stopped our routine, made some prototypes and started to protect others.

Since our first prototype mask was posted on instagram @eeroplane_official – bang!!! We get messages every day all around the world that you love Eeroplane mask design. So we want to share with you every detail about them.

Standard Eeroplane masks contain 2nd layer to assure better functionality, only summer versions contain 1 layer.



Here are the general rules to avoid damage & make it last longer.


  • Remove elastics if you can
  • Place mask in a pot of hot water
  • bring to boil and let it cool then
  • Remove mask and dry
  • Iron (not on logo)
  • Don’t machine wash
  • Don’t use machine dryer
  • Don’t iron on the logo
  • Do not bleach

What happens if I machine wash my mask?
Well the mask will be ok, but the print may be damaged. T-shirts are protected because you wash them inside out. Masks are not.


How is your mask produced?

Eeroplane masks are completely designed and produced in-house. Aesthetics and functionality is essential for us. That’s why all Eeroplane masks are made from 2-layers and you can even put a filter or a paper napkin between them if you want. All designs, cuts, prints are made by resident artists with passion. The manual process makes every mask unique – you can never find 2 identical masks. The most important is your comfort, breathing conditions. Our masks are light and very comfy, you will love to wear them everywhere.


1. Cutting & Hand Printing
Every 100% cotton sheet is first cut and then hand printed by our water based inks. Eeroplane masks are made from materials that are comfy and eco friendly.


2. Drying & Heat-iron
So silk screen (serigraphy) printing is done. All mask cotton sheets must dry for 48 hours and are heat-ironed before being sewn.


3. Sewing & assembly
Mask sheets are being assembled with internal layer, sewn, ironed and completed. Then every mask is assembled with an elastic or a string.

eeroplane glider mask

We would like to say THANK YOU to all the people who share images with our products on social medias, it’s very touching and motivating. We really appreciate that.

Take care, stay healthy, have fun!

– Miro, Eeroplane founder –