Soaring in South Africa / photograph (c) Stefan Langer

Stefan Langer #stefly
Eeroplane ambassador

Flying gliders was a big dream of mine as a child, when I experienced how to stay airborne with an RC sailplane for several minutes. It was so fascinating for me, that the glider can stay in the air only with the power of nature.

Soon my older brother started the glider training and as soon as I became 14 years old, I also started with the training. Two years later I passed the practical test and was ambitious to learn more about cross country flying. Fortunately in Germany we have very good youth gliding teams where I was able to learn a lot about cross country and competition flying. My biggest successes are the 1st place in the German Junior Nationals 2016, 3rd in the Junior World Gliding Championships 2017 and 1st place in the the German Nationals 2019.

But what I still enjoy the most is flying huge distances from my home airfield Stillberghof or to explore other countries by glider. About three years ago I started more or less continously to upload videos on my YouTube channel to share my gliding adventures.

“My dream is to encourage more people to fly in real life and to enjoy our beautiful nature from the bird’s perspective.”

I´m very happy to discover new glider clothing line by Eeroplane. What I really like is the high quality organic cotton fabric of the t-shirt, which has a super nice soft touch. Paired with the elegant design, it is really an outstanding apparel not only for the airfield.

– Stefan Langer –

Mont Blanc – Soaring in French Alps / photograph (c) Stefan Langer
Stefan Langer soaring in French Alps
Soaring in French Alps / photograph (c) Stefan Langer