Head in the sky

Eero Plane

Aviation homage brand

It started with a simple idea : design and create good quality aviation t-shirt that we wanted ourselves. Eero Plane is an independent clothing brand focusing on clarity and quality. We design and produce sustainable products with our pure style and love for aviation and typography.


The origin

Le Bourget in France, while being in WW2 hangar standing in front of Supermarine Spitfire, P-51 Mustang and P47 Thunderbolt I got this crazy momentum I had not felt before. I was so impressed by the aura of these legends that I felt an obligation to create something to their homage.

eeroplane mask gliders pink

Meet the artist

Lucie Tatarová is the DNA of our art atelier. She started in the Atelier of textile techniques in Prague and followed her print and sculpture studies at Pratt institute in New York and art colleges of Strasbourg, Rome and Sevilla. Her passion about nature, ecology is helping us to be as much sustainable as possible.


Hand printed

The majority of our products is designed and hand printed in our atelier in the Highlands of Moravia (Czech Republic). Because of our environmental attitude we use water based inks. But the fact printing in-house gives us the liberty to print for you fresh customizable products. You can choose the color and plane design to your taste and we will gladly print it for you within few days.