aviation t-shirt Supermarine Spitfire aircraft blue steel color hand printed by eeroplane

My first design after the visit of Le Bourget : “Supermarine Spitfire” tee

Planes are beautiful

That’s why we started eero design in May 2013 – anyway let me tell you our story…

My name is Miroslav, originally from Czech republic, and during my first job in graphic design and print production I meet great guy Tomas Petricek who happened to be my boss. He had his own plane and was instructor in an air club. I have never imagined before that flying is so accessible. So I applied for ultralight plane training near Prague and when completed I started glider pilot training. It was all amazing. Suddenly I was offered a job in France in print production that I love. Well I could not resist to work on print projects for Mercedes Benz, Renault, Kookai, YSL, Disney, Ligue contre le cancer… and to spend every second weekend in Paris or Etretat.

The Moment

Le Bourget : “P-51 Mustang” and “P-47 Thunderbolt”  ->

Back in 2013 during my visit of Museé Air Espace in Le Bourget I was in front of Spitfire, P-51 Mustang and P-47 Thunderbolt. I had inexplicable feeling of respect to all people who designed, manufactured them, all the pilots, all the people who died in fights or accidents. Some people see angels or God… I saw these planes and felt something I have never felt before – kind of special energy that stopped me there for at least 1 hour. There was a strange voice in my head saying : “You must do something about it!” 

North American Mustang P-51 Le Bourget France
Silkscreen Eeroplane Aviation T-shirt Design Hand Printed

Hand printed & organic

<- Our silkscreen and hand printing “P-47 Thunderbolt”

To be honest, I missed air club a lot. To kill the misery I designed and produced a t-shirt for myself. It was Supermarine Spitfire tee that is our best seller ever since. Then colleagues and friends asked for my t-shirts. So with my wife Lucie Tatarova who studied print techniques in New York PRATT institute – together we started to print our designs according to traditional serigraphy techniques. Our print is different to many of the market serial production.

Sustainable approach

Eeroplane slim fit tee made of “100% Organic cotton”  ->

Do we care about the planet? Our value is to use good materials. That’s why we use water based inks, 100% organic cotton on majority of our products. That is something you can feel only when you touch our products. It can’t be seen on the images.

Well and our atelier is pure wood, ceramics, bricks, stone and metal. Internal packaging is made from recycled carton boxes. And if we do not have to use the car, we walk, we ride a bike to send the packages. So yes, we do care about the planet.

Pilot t-shirt Boeing Stearman hand printed by Eeroplane
spitfire tshirt men blue steel & white - slim fit
silkscreen aviation design spitfire, boeing

This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You’ve really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear…

— David Bowie, Space Oddity —