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You may migrate presets from earlier versions of Photoshop into newer versions. The Migrate Presets command lets you automatically migrate brushes, swatches, gradients, patterns, and much more. Choose Edit > Presets > Migrate Presets. Click Yes when prompted to import presets from a previous version of Photoshop. The Preset Manager lets you save or load your presets for shapes and tools. Each set of presets has its own file extension and folder. Optional preset files are available within the Presets folder in the Photoshop program folder. To open the Preset Manager, choose Edit > Presets > Preset Manager. Choose a specific Preset Sort in the Preset Type menu. To delete a preset at the Preset Manager, pick the preset and click Publish. Use the Reset command to restore the default presets. You can fix the way presets are displayed by clicking the Preset Manager’s gear icon and selecting from the display modes listed: Text OnlyDisplays the title of each preset product. Small Thumbnail or huge ThumbnailDisplays a thumbnail of every preset product. Little List or Large ListDisplays the name and thumbnail of every preset item. To rearrange your recorded presets click and drag any item up or down from the list. Rearranging application presets from the Preset Manager To load presets using the Preset Manager, do one of these: Harness Load… select the preset file why your real estate website should use lightroom presets | that you wish to include, and click on Open. To substitute with another pair of presets, select Replace [Preset Sort ] in the panel menu. Select the preset file that you need to use, and then click on Open. It is possible to delete and rename presets or create and restore sets of presets. Choose a preset product. Shift-click to select several products. Click on Rename, then enter a new name for your brush, swatch, and so forth. If the Preset Manager now displays presets as thumbnails, double-click a preset, input a new name, then click OK. As a list or text simply, double-click a preset, enter a new name inline, and then press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS). Choose a preset thing, and click Publish. Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) the items you would like to delete. To save all the presets in the list make sure that all items are chosen. To conserve a subset of the present listing, hold down Shift and select just the items you need to save. Click Save Set…, pick a memorable location, input a file name, and then click Save. It is possible to save the presets anywhere. However, if you save to the Ideal Presets folder in the default location, the set will appear in the bottom of the panel after you restart Photoshop

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