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Creating a realistic smoke effects in Photoshop from scratch will have a considerable amount of time. You can achieve this result by using third-party plugins, make some photo manipulations or use the liquify tool of Photoshop to create smoke-like images. However, the easiest way, of creating this kind of impact in Photoshop is using easily accessible smoke brushes. There are thousands of smoke brushes out there which you can download and use. But again, searching for the smoke form that you need for your project would cost you hours to see them. Therefore, in this article, we decided to gather the ideal smoke brushes for Photoshop from all around the Web. There are 18 sets consisting almost 500 brushes that you may use to include touches to your layouts, especially on dark backgrounds. DOWNLOAD THESE SMOKE BRUSHES FOR PHOTOSHOP 01: Thick Smoke Background Photoshop Brushes This collection includes images of smoke which are thicker and curlier that you may use for producing more powerful and remarkable effects on your compositions. This collection contains 21 high-resolution lean smoke history Photoshop brushes. [ DOWNLOAD] 02: Thin Smoke Background Brushes This collection includes 15 high-resolution lean smoke backdrop Photoshop brushes. Only those thin smoke history images are included. In the event you need thicker textures of smoke, please refer to submission number 1. 03: 12 Free Smoke Cloud Brushes free photoshop smoke brushes • com for Photoshop inside this set of brushes, you are going to obtain a dozen of high-quality smoke cloud brushes. These are pictures of thick smoke which seem like clouds, almost! 04: 55 Smoke wallpapers Photoshop Brushes That really is a trendy smoke photoshop brush pack composed of 55 smoke wallpapers Photoshop brushes. These smoke backgrounds Photoshop brushes would be very helpful once you are working to make some smokey atmosphere. 05: 15 Vector Smoke Backgrounds Photoshop Brushes This set includes high-resolution Photoshop brushes featuring smoke backgrounds. You’ll find a total of 15 smoke backgrounds Photoshop brushes with each brush using a resolution of 2500 pixels. 06: 10 Photoshop Smoke Background Brushes This is another set of brushes consisting of 10 excellent smoke backgrounds. Each brush has a resolution of 800 pixels. 07: Clouds of Smoke Photoshop Brushes You can find 44 brushes in this collection featuring clouds of smoke which you could use as backgrounds or special effects on your designs. The size of every brush ranges out of pixels. 08: Smoke Brushes Set 1 This collection of brushes functions with Photoshop CS and later versions. Free to use as long as you credit the writer. 09: Smoke Brushes Place 2 Like the preceding set, this set of brushes functions with Photoshop CS and after versions also. Free to use as long as you credit the writer

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